Windows 10 – How to find the current installed version

Posted: July 4, 2019 in Windows 10
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  • How to find the Version and Build number of the current installed Windows 10 operating system


How To:

  • Three different method to find Windows 10 current installed Version and Build number
    • Start button/Settings/System/About/Windows Specifications
    • Start Button/Settings/Update and Security/Windows Update, then scroll down and click on
      ‘OS Build info’ then look for the section ‘Windows Specifications’

The third(below) is my preferred route since it’s usually accomplished faster than navigating(click-tap using finger/mouse) via ‘Settings’

    • Press and hold the ‘Windows key’ then press ‘R’ to open the Run Dialog box
      • In that dialog box enter =>      winver
            • A new window will open showing the version and build.



July 3 2019: Initial and Final Draft

July 4 2019: Original Publish Date

July 7 2019: Corrected typo/grammar [its=>it’s] (Thanks for the email/ping Wendy!)

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