Edge Chromium – Multiple Profiles in Edge

Posted: August 7, 2020 in Edge Chromium
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Edge Chromium supports and provides the ability to create multiple profiles


  • Multiple profiles can be created in Microsoft’s Edge Chromium
  • Multiple profiles can be created for different operating conditions (examples are shown below)
      • Personal
      • Work
      • Other family members(using the same Windows logon account)
          • Each of the above profile types/example can be another Microsoft account(sign in with a different email address) or Local account(no sign in)
  • Multiple profiles allow end-users to operate in shared environment with separate browser settings, bookmarks, and extensions in each created profile
          • Each created profile data is independent from another profile’s data
          • Each created profile can have its own name and picture
  • Use of a Microsoft account in an additional profile allows that same profile the ability to sync the account’s profile configuration settings(e.g. Favorites, passwords, history, browser data) across all other devices one is signed in to Edge using that same Microsoft account
  • Edge Chromium provides the ability to:
      • Easily switch between profiles
      • Always open the last used profile
      • Pin an Edge Chromium profile to the Taskbar
      • Add more than one additional profiles
      • Remove profiles if no longer required


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