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Overview of Edge Chromium Tracking Protection Settings and Features


  • Edge Chromium provides a more simple user interface to configure privacy concerns on 3rd party tracking
  • Edge Chromium is currently in Beta but available for consumer via the Edge Chromium Beta Channel program
  • Edge Chromium is Microsoft’s replacement browser for Windows 10’s included Edge(HTML)
  • Edge Chromium will be available as a non-beta version in the future(expected in January 2020)


Tracking Prevention:

  • A more simplified user interface for configuring end-user tracking prevention
    • Edge Chromium provides three different configuration options related to tracking privacy
      • Basic
      • Balanced
      • Strict


  • Blocked Trackers
    • Allows one to view the sites that Edge Chromium has blocked based on your configuration setting(Basic, Balanced, Strict)
  • Exceptions
    • An option allowing the user to add specific sites that override the tracking prevention setting
  • Strict Tracking for InPrivate Browsing
    • An option to always use ‘Strict’ tracing prevention with Edge Chromium during InPrivate browsing usage. When toggled on, it will override(if chosen) the Basic and Balanced option.
  • Example of the ‘Blocked trackers’ results after casual surfing(over a 10 minute period) on the web across a variety of sites.  Note: The picture only shows the first seven(7) items in the available list.



Oct 2 2019: Initial Draft Date

Oct 3 2019: Original Publish Date


Timeline for removal of Flash from Microsoft Edge, Edge Chromium and Internet Explorer Browsers


  • Microsoft will remove Flash support in Edge, Edge Chromium, and Internet Explorer browsers and entirely from Windows in 2020
  • Removal will occur in December 2020 and is expected prior to the end of the 2020 Calendar Year
  • Adobe(Flash application creator/owner) previously announced in 2017 that Flash would no longer be supported after 2020
  • Flash limitation will occur prior to full removal, initially disabling Flash and requiring users to enable Flash on a site-by-site basis.
  • After removal of Flash in Microsoft Edge, Edge Chromium, and Internet Explorer across all supported versions of Windows end users will no longer have any ability to enable or run Flash.
  • Removal of Flash in Edge Chromium will be consistent with removal of Flash in other ‘Chromium’ based browsers(e.g. Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, etc.) and also consistent timeline-wise with other non-Chromium based browsers(e.g. Firefox where Flash support will be completely removed from consumer versions in December 2020).
  • Links for the original and current timeline removal of Flash for Edge, Edge Chromium and Internet Explorer for supported Windows version are provided below in the ‘Additional Information’ section of this article.

Additional Information:


Sept 5 2019: Initial Draft

Sept 7 2019: Original Publish Date