Windows 10 – Edge Chromium Tracking Protection

Posted: October 3, 2019 in Edge, Edge Chromium, Windows 10
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Overview of Edge Chromium Tracking Protection Settings and Features


  • Edge Chromium provides a more simple user interface to configure privacy concerns on 3rd party tracking
  • Edge Chromium is currently in Beta but available for consumer via the Edge Chromium Beta Channel program
  • Edge Chromium is Microsoft’s replacement browser for Windows 10’s included Edge(HTML)
  • Edge Chromium will be available as a non-beta version in the future(expected in January 2020)


Tracking Prevention:

  • A more simplified user interface for configuring end-user tracking prevention
    • Edge Chromium provides three different configuration options related to tracking privacy
      • Basic
      • Balanced
      • Strict


  • Blocked Trackers
    • Allows one to view the sites that Edge Chromium has blocked based on your configuration setting(Basic, Balanced, Strict)
  • Exceptions
    • An option allowing the user to add specific sites that override the tracking prevention setting
  • Strict Tracking for InPrivate Browsing
    • An option to always use ‘Strict’ tracing prevention with Edge Chromium during InPrivate browsing usage. When toggled on, it will override(if chosen) the Basic and Balanced option.
  • Example of the ‘Blocked trackers’ results after casual surfing(over a 10 minute period) on the web across a variety of sites.  Note: The picture only shows the first seven(7) items in the available list.



Oct 2 2019: Initial Draft Date

Oct 3 2019: Original Publish Date

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