Windows 10 – Release Information

Posted: June 6, 2019 in Windows 10
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  • Release Information for Windows 10  by OS Version, Build, Latest Revision Date, and End of Service/Support Date



Additional Information:

  • Windows 10 Version(Feature Updates) are/have been released twice(2X) per Year
  • The twice per year(Feature Updates) releases are called the Semi-Annual Channel
    • Each Semi-Annual Channel is identified with a new ‘Version’ number
      • Each ‘Version’ is updated/serviced monthly with a new ‘Build’ number
    • Each Semi-Annual Channel is normally serviced/supported for a period of 18 to 30 months depending upon life cycle policy. 
      • Consumers editions(Home and Pro) normally have the 18 month servicing
      • Business and Educational editions(Enterprise, Education) have the longer 30 month servicing



June 5 2019: Initial Draft

June 6 2019: Original Publish Date

June 9 2019:  Added time frame to better explain servicing/support for different editions

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