How To Access the Windows Defender Classic User Interface

Posted: February 2, 2018 in Windows 10, Windows Insider Program
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How to access the Windows Defender Classic User Interface on Windows 10


  1. The Windows Defender Classic UI(UI) can still be accessed using a variety of different methods in Windows 10.
  2. The same command line text content can be used for to access the Defender Classic UI via a Shortcut or Search or Run dialog box.
  3. Microsoft replaced the Windows Defender Classic UI in Windows 10 with a new Windows Universal App(UWA) version – Windows Defender Security Center.  The new UI first appeared in Windows 10 Creators Update(Version 1703, April 2017) and continues in the Fall Creators Update(Version 1709,November 2017)
  4. The UWP app is the recommended method to access Windows 10 Defender and all the features(Threats, Definition Updates, Device Performance, and Health) included in the Windows Defender Security Center. For more information on each feature in the new UI please reference the Microsoft KB4013263 article => Protect my device with Windows Defender Security Center
  5. Accessing the Windows Defender Classic UI may provide the desired familiarity(traditional style – Home, Update, and History tabs) for end-users upgrading to Windows 10(from Windows 7/8.1 and earlier versions of Windows 10) as they transition into use and comfort with the newer Windows 10 Defender Security Center UWA.

How To:

  • Command line text for the Windows Defender Classic UI
    • C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
  • Accessing via a Shortcut,  Search, or  Run options
    • Shortcut
        • Create a new shortcut in the location of your choice then copy the above text(shown in bold, blue above) and paste the text as the command line for the shortcut, then when prompted name the shortcut(e.g. Windows Defender Classic UI). The shortcut can be pinned to the Start Menu, Task Bar or if enabled the Quick Launch Toolbar
    • Search
      • Click the  Search icon or Seach dialog on the Task Bar then copy the above text and paste into the search field. Press Return
    • Run
      • Copy the above text and paste into the Run dialog box entry field. Note:The Run command is located o  the Start Menu under the Windows System sub menu category.



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