Microsoft Mixed Reality Platform – HoloLens Technology

Posted: February 22, 2018 in Windows 10, Windows Insider Program
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An article on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform and HoloLens Technology


  1. Microsoft released the Mixed Reality Platform and included in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  2. HoloLens was introduced as a development kit in the fall(October) of CY2016
  3. HoloLens supports Mixed Reality(MR) and UWP apps(aka Universal Windows Platform apps)
  4. MR in the simplest term is ‘hybrid reality – a mixed version of the real and virtual world creating an enviroment where both physical and digital objects co-exist.
  5. Windows MR is a platform available on Windows 10 that provides holographic and mixed reality experiences using a head mounted device(e.g. HoloLens)
  6. HoloLens is a device(wearable/head-mounted mixed reality smart glasses) that provides access to the Windows MR Platform features
  7. The technology associated with both(MR and HoloLens) is rapidly improving wiith use now in a different arenas(see Editor comment #10)
  8. The potential for this platform and technology imo will be welcomed as different systems(education, aerospace and defense, graphics/video, business) and methodologies evolve and are deployed.
  9. The ‘More Information’ section below provides a few examples of the terminology and use of Mixed Reality  and Hololens.
  10. Editor Comment – If there is anything that belongs or deserves deployment across our educational systems(world-wide) in STEM arenas and educational systems – this it ‘IT’


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Feb 22 2018: Initial Draft and Publish Date

Feb 28 2018: Updated ‘Comments’ section with more definitive explanations/additional comments

Apr 2, 2018: Added link in ‘More Information’ re: Windows Insider 3D use explaining Astronomy

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