Windows 10 – Avast AVG Compatibility Issues

Posted: December 1, 2019 in Windows 10
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Compatibility Issues with some earlier versions of Avast and AVG anti-virus editions affecting Windows 10


  • Microsoft and Avast have identified problems with using earlier/outdated versions of Avast and AVG anti-virus software on Windows 10 Versions 1909 and 1903
  • These compatibility issues prevent upgrading Windows 10 from an earlier version to later Windows 10 versions – 1903(May 2019 Update) and 1909(November 2019 Update)
      • Note: The inability to upgrade impacts upgrading via Windows Update, the Media Creation Tool created media, and the online Upgrade Now methods
  • The compatibility issues surfaced in late November 2019
  • Avast and AVG versions 19.5 and lower are no longer compatible with Windows 10
  • Devices with installed versions of Avast or AVG 19.5 or lower will not be offered or capable to upgrade to Windows 10 1909 or Windows 10 1903
  • End users of Avast and AVG products should/need to download and install an updated version of their Avast or AVG application – Editor Note: Preferably the latest available version
  • End users of Avast or AVG anti-virus software that install the latest version will no longer have the compatibility issue preventing upgrading Windows 10 from an earlier version to Windows 10 versions 1909 or 1903

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