Windows 10 Quick Start Guides

Posted: December 8, 2018 in Windows 10
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Summary:  Microsoft’s Quick Start Guides for Windows 10


  • Microsoft provides a variety of ‘Quick Start’ guides to help learn Windows 10
  • Guides are in the form of standard PDF Documents
  • Guides are intended to be overviews yet provide sufficient detail to shorten the learning curve
  • Links(below) to Quick Start Guides will automatically open the respective guide’s PDF file in a new window in your default PDF viewer or browser

Windows 10 Quick Start Guides:

  • Desktop   (8 pages)
    • Start Menu options(Start Button, Accessing Documents and Pictures folder, Settings, Power Options, Grouping programs and apps on the Start Menu);
    • Task Bar features(Start Button, Search, Task View, File Explorer, Microsoft Store, Edge Browser OneDrive, Audio/Volume settings, Network Connection(LAN/Wi-Fi));
    • Action Center(Notification and Actions to settings and common configurable settings)
    • Windows Settings(System, Devices, Personalization, Apps, Accounts, Network and Internet, Privacy, Updates and Security, Ease of Access, Cortana, Gaming, Phone)
    • Cortana(Microsoft’s digital assistant)
    • Task View(feature providing the ability to group app by type or desire in multiple accessible virtual desktop views)
  • Windows Defender  (7 pages)
    • Taskbar Icon, Protection Status, Security Center, Settings
  • Connect to a network printer (8 pages)
    • Adding a network printer
        • Note: Windows 10 will recognize and setup almost all printers when connected to the device or identified when present on a local network connected via LAN or Wi-fi, if not,  the guide can provide useful tips.
  • Photos App   (9 pages)
    • Menu, Features, Organization, Editing Photos and Videos
  • Movies & TV App   (4 pages)
    • Menu, Types of Content – Movies, TV, Videos; Default Settings configurable options
        • Note: Movies and TV are Microsoft Store and Microsoft Account based; Videos are what you made yourself
  • Maps App  (6 pages)
    • Location, Directions, Destination, Traffic, Road view, Aerial view, Street side, Zoom
  • Microsoft Store  (5 pages)
    • Accessing the Store, Available Content(Apps, Games, Books, Movies/TV, Themes, etc.), Content from any device


Dec  3 2018: Initial Draft Date

Dec  8 2018: Initial Publish Date

Dec 10 2018:  Added Editor Note and additional Notes for clarification

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