Windows 10 Update History Web Site

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Windows 10
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Summary:  Microsoft Rolls-Out Windows 10 Update History site to the public


  • Microsoft now provides a web site for Windows 10 Update History
  • The web site acts as a hub for the Release Notes that accompany each update
  • The web site will provide information on updates in a list format(chronological descending order)
  • The web site history includes the Windows 10 Version, KB number and Build number assigned to the update.
                • e.g May 2016 Update ==> Windows 10 Version 1511, KB3156421, 10586.318
  • Each line item in the list has a clickable link to its respective ‘Help article’ providing additional information
  • Each Help article also has a separate link to the respective update’s KB article. 
  • The Linked KB article in addition to details also contains a File Information section which provides a link to download a csv file containing a list of the updated files(File name, File version, File size, Date, Platform).  [Note: The csv file can be opened and viewed in Excel(recommended) or a standard Text editor]

How To:


February 14, 2016: Initial Draft Date

March 15, 2016: Final Draft Date – Updated Comment section noting web site provides chronological update history

June 6, 2016:  Initial Publish Date

July 1, 2016: Updated comment section to include information on KB article and File Information availability

July 2, 2016: Rearranged bullet-ized items in the Comments section and corrected typographical errors

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