Windows 10 Editions

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Windows 10


Microsoft announced the different ‘Editions’ of Windows 10 applicable to consumers, small business, and enterprise customers.



  1. Six Editions of Windows 10 will be available

      • Home
      • Mobile
      • Pro
      • Enterprise
      • Education
      • Mobile Enterprise


  2. Enterprise and Mobile Enterprise will be released in versions supporting ATMs, Retail POS, Handheld terminals, Industrial (Robotics) and IoT Core for small footprint devices 

  3. Home, Mobile, and Pro are available as the free upgrade for qualifying Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Phone devices when upgraded within the first year after Windows 10 is released.

  4. Windows 10 is expected to be released/launched in the summer of 2015.

  5.  These are Windows ‘Editions’ not SKU’s (at this time it is unknown if OEM and/or System Builder versions of these ‘Editions’ will be available for purchase and use.

6.  Two, and only two, Editions will be available and also qualify for the free upgrade on existing pc- Home and Pro

7.  Windows 10 Enterprise is and ‘upgrade only’ Edition. Business are required to purchase a Pro license to take advantage of and qualify for the Enterprise upgrade. (i.e. purchasing two licenses is required – Pro and Enterprise).


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