Window 10 Version 1809–Features Removed or Planned Replacement

Posted: August 31, 2018 in Windows 10
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Microsoft announces Windows 10 Version 1809(October Update) features to be removed or replaced


  • As in the past each major release(typically twice/year) of Windows 10 adds new features, replaces, removes, or deprecates or no longer develops existing features.
  • For Windows 10 Version 1809 a total of seven(7) features are removed
  • For Windows 10 Version 1809 a t total of three(3) features are deprecated/no longer developed
  • The Additional Information section provides details on the 10 items


Additional Information:

  • Removed
      • Font Smoothing  – Clear Type will be the default alternative
      • Hologram app  – Replaced by Mixed Reality Viewer
      • Phone Companion – removed, use Settings/Phone features instead
      • Trusted Platform Module(TPM) management console – use Device Security in Defender Security Center
      • Business Scanning(aka Distributed Scan Management) – remove, no replacement or alternative
      • Windows Embedded Developer Update – new updates only available in Microsoft Catalog
      • Limpet.exe – available as Open Source
      • Disk Cleanup – replaced with Windows Storage Sense


  • No longer developed
      • Snipping Tool – replaced by new universal app ‘Snip and Sketch’
      • OneSync – Synchronization now provided via sync engine to the Outlook app
      • Companion Device Framework – No longer developed, alternative is Dynamic Lock iInbox Bluetooth method


Additional Information:


Aug 31 2018: Initial Draft and Publish Date

Sept 1 2018:  Revised Summary line item, added ‘October Update’

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